Composted Garden Mulch

Supplier or top quality mulch:

  • Mushroom compost
  • Farm manure
  • Shredded straw
  • Shredded green waste

All compost is processed in a period of twelve months allowing it to be mixed on a regular basis to aerate to gain a high temperature to improve the breakdown of the compost and green waste.

Thank you again for your hard work. We are very pleased with our garden

Mrs J Smith

Then graded out into individual heaps to allow selected loads to be taken depending on the requirements of your garden. It also acts as a slow release of nitrogen, phosphate, magnesium and sulphur and provides a readily available source of potash.

Benefits of mulch:

  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Increase water holding capacity
  • Stabilise soil PH
  • Improve soil biology and increased microbial activity
  • Increase yields
  • Controls weed growth
  • Gives a dark fine texture to the garden
  • Improve soil structure
  • Durability of 1-2 years